Audi 80 WIP

Hi after my failed Audi 50 Project I am now making an Audi 80 because I think it will be easy to model^^
I’ve already made the hood and the doors and am now trying to do the fender…
Here is the whole car and a picture of the rendered hood:

so the fender sucks^^ anyway I tried a bit and made the old Audi-Logo


So far so good, but I would suggest turning on Optimal Display on the Subdivision modifier so you can relieve your eyes of viewing thousands of tiny faces. :RocknRoll:

thanks :slight_smile: I still don’t know many functions of the program…

Doesn’t seem like you are using Smooth Shading… Nice work atm.

no, but maybe I will use it when I render the whole car…
the fender is almost done. only one or two edge loops are missing but I will fix that when the doors are done (this may be a big problem^^)
this is my progress:

as you can see i did the turning light - at least the surface… and the next thing will be front lights & the grill

the front lights seem to be too high :frowning: so i didn’t do them… but i’ve started the rear part:

this seems to become a monologue but i will go on…

this i the rear part and the tire with hubcap but i don’t like the color of the tire - too bright :confused: anyway there is still a lot of geometry to do before i can fix that

Very nice jobs on the wheels! And overall good work.

thank you! here are the grill and the front lights - atm i am not sure if i should make the lights as a texture or really try to model them :confused: the first one would definetely be easier but the second one looks better… or let’s say: should look better^^

here is the frontlight:

and a closer picture with wireframe:

(texture didn’t work^^)

looks good to me

thanks :slight_smile:
the grill and the headlights are done:

even if the headlights seem a bit dark in comparison to the too bright audi-logo^^

Very nice job again!

thanks again :)))
another hard part of this “easy” car:

i hope it looks good when i render it…

what do you think about hte door handle?

and another update: so far, the roof and the windows are almost done (except for the plastic parts)

looking very good, but you really need smooth shading, really, it doesn’t hurt and it’s just a click… only thing to have in mind is that you may need to apply edge split modifier, and maby recalculate normals (ctrl-n in edit mode with all selected)

i don’t know how you could see the wrong normals but i corrected all. and here is the render with subsurf ON:


looking really nice :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile:
i added the other handle.