Audi A5 Sportback (2009)

This is my first ever serious car project.Decided to model an Audi A5 Sportback 2009 because it is my all time favourite.The progress will be slow because classes are starting.Not much to show today and hoping to finish this project.Comments and critiques are very much welcome.The blueprints are not 100% matching but it’s not posing much of a problem.Comments and critiques are very much welcome.

Damn it,the car i was modelling was a Sportback.There are some major differences between an Audi A5 and an Audi A5 Sportback.I wasted a lot of time.


Is the topo ok for the hood.Been busy these days but now I have free time.Will post an update later this evening.

The topo looks clean but I think you’re missing those two ridges that start at the windshield-edge of the hood and run down to the grille.

I am sorry but I really could not understand what u meant.Maybe an image can help.

Very little progress.Took about 30 mins.Did some cleanup.I need to workkk fast


How made this wire mesh?

For the first one I used the wireframe modifier and for the second one I used the screeen shot.

Look at some reference photos, the lines are more pronunced, your is too flat i think, a while ago i started a project on an Audi A4, is definitively not good, but this is what i got

Yeah there is a sharp crease I am working on that.Thank u for noticing

I am back.I was reallly busy and now I got some freee time.Took about another 40 mins to reach here.I have only spent like 2 hours on this model.It took some time to realise that it was a sportsback.Kept the subsurf to 1.


Lookin’ good!

Does anyone know where to get good reference images of this car ?

Thank u,so far it’s been very easy.Will proceed to the hard parts soon.Gosh I am nervous.

Keep up the work!
You can try one of these for reference, though none of them are the exact year or model, This site is usually pretty good:

Thankks man,It helped I got a couple of ones I think that’s enough,now gotta model the rest of the body and have to block in the details.

Back again.Little work.


So what do u guys think, should I give the details after I model the basic body or model along?

Hi, nice progress here :), if you are not too lazy then model the base mesh and then the details, if not then make them along, anyway it not a big deal, it’s just a matter of workflow;).

Thanks Ghilas.The confusion is now cleared

Well did some little progress.Exams coming soon.Well I am not satisfied with the wireframes I know it’s idiotic but I am a beginner.Missing many details I am lazy to do that.Will do some other time.