Audi A8 model

I’m starting an audi a8. Already had high quality blueprints of several thousand pixels…

progress so far:



Ctrl+alt+Q to toggle quad view. Options for it is in properties panel (N) if you want to change its behaviour.

You have?

Can’t say I’d noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

got the bonnet(or most of it) done.
~250 polys without smoothing, ~1000 with smoothing level 1.

wat do u guys think? I think it looks okay…

from another angle…

Looks fine.

Posting wires is more helpful if you want some constructive critiquing.

bonnet and what ever I have of fender at level 1 smoothing:

Looks great.

Don’t post with the wire affected by sub-surf smoothing, as it makes it harder to spot issues.

You might have a little more geometry than I’d go for so early in the process, but it looks clean so probably ok.

I don’t know how much is good…right now everything in the picture if level 2 subsurf applied, total is 8.7k polys. at level 1 (which looks not much different from level 2) its about 2.2k. My long term target is to use it in an animation (if I ever get to that advanced level).

I’ve noticed from WIPs here that most people tend to make a basic model, add subsurf and then add edge loops to make it look right…which I think results in higher polys…So I’m thinking not going above level 1 and add most of the geometry myself manually…Is that wrong or something?

And also, do you guys model individual parts separately or altogether? cuz personally I think it makes more sense if you do it all together. where ever there’s a gap (like between bonnet and fender), you just add edge loops and extrude it inwards enough that it looks like a gap. I think that approach would help in animation…

I’m modeling an audi A8 :

progress so far:
(100 samples, ~2k polys in total, level 1 subsurf on both bonnet and what ever I have of the fender)

good work till now
keep up and take care of the details