Audi A8

Hello !

I’d like to show you my lastest project. I tried to achieve most eye candy and photorealistic render… but without success in my opinion. I’d love to know your opinions about this projec :wink:

And one more thing … present for you ! (.blend file

well i should say this looks pretty good, nice job!
i don’t like the lenseflare effect and the license plate looks way too clean and perfect.
you could also add some DOF to the scene.

I think … certainly it belongs to the betters renders (here on this forum) and with regard to nice car model is the final render a bit undignified. So, small suggestions for improvement:

  • Put away the lens flare.

  • There are some anti-aliasing problems. (Car Mask, Glass framing etc.)

  • Render looks very flat. It’s like a collage - car render based on gray background. It should give an impression of a studio. (E.g. gradual loss of a light due to the distance etc.)

  • Lighting. Check some car/studio lighting setups.

  • Angle and lens of a camera. Change the angle and the lens could be smaller - render will have more depth.

  • Details. (Minimalistic DOF, very small lens distortion, z-dept pass, subtle noise …)

  • Colors. The gray car on a similar gray background looks a bit monotonous. Take a look at some car renders for inspiration.