Audi R8 2008 WIP

I’ve been meaning to improve and build up experience instead of just gathering knowledge, this is my progress so far on the Audi R8 2008. I would like to redo many of the areas properly so any critique is welcome.

Redoing the front, not really lining up with the reference. Not sure if it’s because of the photo perspective or if the blueprints don’t match up.

How did you line that up so good with the photo, I can’t seem to get a handle on how to do that.

Trail and error. I’ve been thinking of making a single vertex and then lining up the blueprint with the reference so the vertex overlaps on both pictures, after that i can set the 3d cursor to the vertex and set it as the camera rotation point. Should make it a bit easier to line up.

Did a bit of the back, top and side. I’ve been making too many mistakes and i am going to start over again, this time starting at the wheels.

What i have learned is that it is easier to match a plane up with a large piece like the hood/bonnet, subdivide it once and then match those pieces up. After that i add loop cuts and match up the entire loop instead of doing it vertex by vertex.

Started over again, this time going the line route. Basically just making edges to fill in the silhouette of the car. Next step is to line it up with references and then filling in the pieces i have trouble making sense of with the blueprint alone.