Audi R8 in BI

Hi guys,

This is my first car model+render in blender. I spent around 3 weeks on this because this was my first attempt at something serious. Lighting is done via an hdri image applied to the world settings, which killed the render times (~30 minutes). Kudos to CyaNn from the blender material repo, whose shader helped me understand the ins and outs of car paint, and neverflinch from blendswap, whose model i examined and based this off of. I know Cycles is the best renderer for this sort of thing, but i dont have the processing power to use it :(. Anyway, hope you like it :smiley: Criticism is welcome!

Very nice, indeed!

I remember seeing a comparison someone had done between cycles and BI on a car they’d done - the differences were negligible and it was tough to decide which was which. :slight_smile:

Needs more light in the scene; first shot is a nice interesting angle. If you’re unaware of ‘rule of thirds’, I’d google it; if you go to the camera, not render tab, there are options there to allow various options when in camera view mode including rule of thirds. Some slightly different angles would would help on the render.

Your images don’t show any obvious errors, more light might help and wires certainly would, :smiley:

I can appreciate the fact you suffer from a computer that can’t cope with cycles; I’m currently on a 5k sample render and at 4hr 15: looks like an hour per 1k passes atm - not bad unless you consider the main object isn’t in the scene (the car:)). And as the mesh count has gone up to 3.3 million, it’s gonna’ only get worse. I just wish Intel would hurry up with their next processor release /nod.

@Writer’s Block, thanks for your kind comments! It is true that the internal renderer is very powerful, and often underestimated with the use of Cycles growing. Guess its up to those of us without expensive GPU’s to make the best of it :D. And I’ll try to use the thirds overlay in any future renders I use.

it looks good :smiley: not sure about the color tho, Audi R8’s should be white imo lol

Also about the cycles vs BI thing mentioned above. imo it probably wasn’t the best of comparisons because if lighting and materials were done well, you should be able to notice a difference between cycles and bi. Not always an improvement, but definitely a difference.

There’s only one thing that makes it look terrible… I’m not driving it.
That’s always the one thing blender artists always forget, is to put me in the front seat.

Awesome work!

And this is very good for a first! :smiley: