Audi R8

Yes, i know that audi’s are always being done in blender, but it’s such a cool car, and someone i’m trying to ahem “impress” has these as her favorite car. :smiley:

Anyways, second attempt at a car, working on getting it into a background. In the meantime, i have some studio style renders. All rendered in cycles at 450 and 900 passes (900 for the side view).

So let me know what you think!

let me know if it’s impressive enough. hahahaha

boy i hope she’s not reading this.

Oh, and model will be out at blendswap soon, as soon as i get some feedback and make any changes.

your model is good. So good its now part of my “inspiration”.

Thanks man! Love it when my stuff inspires someone. :smiley:

So i created a police paint scheme. I’m going to work on a pursuit scene, like the need for speed cover. Let me know what you think.

i received some crits on the R8 and i updated the model, so this is now revision 1.

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here’s the render of it from the top down. goin’ on the road.

any crits? at all?

It looks similar to r8 but the truth is that there is a lot of to fix just look from the top how the front of the car looks.

any specific areas? I thought it looks pretty close.

just a non-environment top view.

Looks good and nice renderes, but the car looks “square ish” on some areas, specially the front, i also noticed the head lights are diferent, but i think the errors you have gives the car little more character than the clasic R8 model we are used to see.
over all its a good job, specially for your second car!

what im talking about is the roundness of the front

The headlights are actually not an error. The new 2013 r8s have different headlights. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll work on that roundness a bit more.

Ok, so here’s an updated hood. Let me know what you think.

give us more angles of the car, front side etc…

A wireframe would be good aswell :slight_smile:

The white and black version of this car is beautiful! Also, in some of the renders it looks like you are rendering in orthographic?

Ok so here’s some clay renders and a studio render.

you need some more work to get the correct shape of the car, but anyways good job.


Good renders. I like it but you have some issues with car modeling. Check out the doors. They look like too flat. Like something hit them and pushed a little inward.

Great car. love the paint job

Good renders!,

I feel the rim spokes do not have enough depth to them, they look a bit weak.
If you post up some wires we can help you out more.

hopefully you will do some nice studiorenders? looking forward to some :smiley:
maybe this gets you into