Audi RS7 2014 *joint venture*

Good afternoon peeps,

We’re proud to present a joint project between I, Philippe M. and miskolciart where we are going to be modeling the recently unveiled Audi RS7 MY 2014. It took a while to decide on what car we were going to model but we got there in the end. :wink:

There’s no WIP pictures at the moment as we’ve just finished setting up our ‘communicating-and-sharing-in-different-time-zone-system’. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were struggling to complete our cars so we decided to team up and make one high poly car between us.

WIP reports to be posted when appropriate. :RocknRoll:

Cool, cant wait to see the progress

i am quite interested on how your plan will work.
considering different time zone’s, will you all be working in shifts,
or anything else? i guess this question will be clear as soon as progress are posted.
any way looking forward to that and the project, since your teamwork can create a very accurate car.

Yeah actually i am wondering how the work is going to be split up and how is the whole whole thing managed/organized.

Yeah, we’re kinda still figuring that out :o As GrandeP said, we only just figured out which car and how to share the files yesterday, so progress on the actual car hasn’t really started yet. GrandeP has started a few tests already though, setting up reference images into a start-up *.blend, testing out a couple of modelling processes, and so on.

I was thinking of posting about this project on my blog as well, and maybe have some videos showing the project in development. I haven’t yet delved into that, but it’s on my to-do list.
Problem is I have to split my time between this project and a freelance “contract”, and since we’re in 3 different time zones (myself in GMT-5, Grande in GMT and Misko in GMT+1) it’s a bit tougher to coordinate, but we seem to be doing okay at the moment :wink:

Better focus on that free lance thing first :wink:
So how are you sharing the files? Dropbox or something else?

Yep, using Dropbox, works great so far.

And yeah, the freelance is definitely taking priority, I’ve only dedicated one or two hours a day on the car project, while the freelance is the whole afternoon + most of the evening. I’m actually making relatively good progress on the freelance, so hopefully I can properly manage my time (for once) and be able to work on both :yes:

Yes, we have set up a group account on Dropbox to share the blends and pics between each other :slight_smile:

We haven´t yet “split up” the work, although I´m preferably going to work more on the smaller parts so far, e.g. the wheels while GrandeP works on the base mesh and Philippe doing his freelance stuff for now.
The time will tell and communication will be the key :slight_smile:

on today morning I saw the trailer to this car…and it looks really great :wink:
so I’m looking forward to seeing the result! i guess that you stop you other projects untill you finish this?

It feels like we’ve just been given a Hollywood interview… :RocknRoll:

I guess so, not planning to finish the BMW before finishing this one.

Alright here is an update on the current status of the model. Miskolciart & Philippe seem to have been busy so I’ve ploughed on by myself to get a rough shape of the body. From the sounds of it Miskolciart is the wheel master so expect some high quality alloys from him, although as an exercise I’ll probably model some alloys as well.

Total time for this body so far has been about 4-5 days working on and off.


Looks great man! :slight_smile:

I think I’ve figured out how to create the small indent on the front bumper, but it requires a triangle polygon (god forbid!).

looks good so far. I was wondering if this was still being worked on or not.

Joint work is really a good idea! Very nice progress on this one. I think I’d need someone to help me a bit too, my problem is that I’m not good at details…

Looking pretty sweet, GrandeP - I saw that the blend files updated themselves yesterday so I knew you’d been working on it. And yeah, I’m still kinda busy, but hopefully I’ll be able to give it a look soon :slight_smile:

It’s very nearly there, but of course 3 sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to scrutinizing the base mesh so I think that’ll be my contribution for now until the others are free to chip in. I need to practice on my wheels though… :smiley:


Please turn on optimal display in the subsurf :wink: and show those wires :slight_smile:
But i think i see some areas that might need fixin’…

I’ve deliberately left it switched off. :RocknRoll: