Audi S7

Hi, this is my first car model and I thought I might as well post it on the forum to show others and to motivate me to not give up on doing it :wink:

Here is what I have:

This is rendered with 2500 samples and took ~30 mins to render in the view port render, it also has a subdivision surface modifier set to 3 on each section, this is also a little paint test to see how the node set up looks :smiley:

And here is a render of the wire frame:

I know the topology isn’t great and I will most likely come back and remodel some parts in the future, but for now I am happy :smiley:

Great start! What you have so far is very promising :slight_smile:
What are you going to model next?


aha, I really don’t know what I’m going to do next, but it will probably be a while before this is finished, I am finding a lot harder than I though it would be to get to shape of the car, especially on the corners and it is taking a long time to make progress.

But onwards I shall go :smiley:

It looks good so far;

my 2 cents

  1. forget the fancy carpaint shaders until you done with the car focus on modeling that reflective silver matcap is all you really need if you want to see reflections and check for bumps.

  2. The fancy wire frame render actual makes it harder for those of us giving critiques to actually look at your topology a solid shaded screen shot from edit mode with edges would be better IMHO.

  3. Things like the radar sensor I would treat as detail I would model that shape as if it wasn’t there and in the detailing stage I would cut that into the mesh while basically doing a re-topology on a duplicate.

But good start keep going

Hi thank you for giving your input, it really helps as it is my first time modelling a car and I really am just winging it so to speak haha. The reason for the car paint was because I had started to get bored with the modelling of the bumper as it was taking loads of time so I thought I would take a break and try some car paint shaders :slight_smile:
I never realised that the render wire frame would make it harder, I will get that updated with a normal view.
As for point 3, I was contemplating on whether to cut that out now or later, so thank you :smiley:


Here is the wire frame in 3d view :stuck_out_tongue: There has been a little progress, but not much:

Just use matcap and display tools addon for wireframe

your first car ??? aren`t you the guy from the zonda ??

Aha, I wish, but na, that ain’t me :stuck_out_tongue:

im sorry xD

i realy thought it was him.
but anyways, great start with your first car :slight_smile:

That’s not so bad but I actually just meant in edit mode minus the wireframe modifier. So your viewport shading set to solid, edge select on and a simple grey diffuse shader. You are doing good for a first car.

It’s a great start and that too it’s your first car.In my 2 years of blendering I still haven’t finished a car.your progress so far is great.keep up the good work.