Audi TT RS and Steering WHeel

Here are my renders on for my car so far. Feedback would be great. Thanks!


Are the dimensions right? The car looks squished longwise, but I’m no expert on the model. Probably because I’ve been staring at my gt racer for so long, that most cars would look squished… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mesh looks clean. Any ref pics and wireframe renders would be nice to see!

This looks very nice and smooth overall but there are some bumps around the headlights and the bottom front of the front wheel well. It also looks like it won’t be going anywhere with the rear wheels like that. If you fix those small problems I think the exterior will look great.

How did you achieve the stitching effect on the steering wheel?

Thanks for the feedback. I will get on that right away. For the steering wheel, all i did was add little planes and shrink wrap them to the steering wheel. From there i curved them slightly to give them the stitching effect result.