Audio Analysis v1.0.0


The Audio Analysis tool converts an audio signal’s strength into an Ipo Curve. This allows items in Blender to change their properties, timed and tied to a sound file.

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You released it :), great ! But why did you do new thread :wink: ?

This might really come in handy! Thanks a million =))!

Hi, Jed.

The other thread was to discuss development and features of the tool. This thread is specifically to discuss this release. Speaking of which, I have released a tutorial as well:


Wow. Thank you. Seriously.

Btw. I: I totally dig your enviropolitical <cough> initiative </cough>.

Btw. II: Could I politely suggest replacing this link with this one ?

Not that I insist, tho …
… now quietly back to the drawing board.

Cool script, but hate Windows, not Windows users. (BTW, it’s not that hard to figure out how to put a few .py files in the Blender scripts folder in Windows.)

thank you for this very cool script. this looks wonderful!
however, when i try to use it i get this error in console:
“local variable ‘frame’ referenced before assignment”

any suggestions?
i’m using OS X 10.3.9 with python 2.3 (as reported by the blender system information)
but in my terminal if i type python --version, i get Python 2.5
maybe this is part of the problem?

Hi, treatkor.

I believe that happens when the file cannot be found.The file setup is tricky – I am shooting from the hip with MacOS. Try putting the .wav file under /home (e.g., /home/sound.wav). Then, in the Audio Analysis tool, change the Filename: parameter to /home/sound.wav. See if it makes a difference.

thanks for the tips! it works great after some tweaking of the Power Min setting. i think it might be neat to try an example where the camera shakes to the sound of some giant footsteps.

It might only work with wav’s of 44100, which would be silly. Is there any way you can post the audio file with which you are analysing? Send me a private message, I’ll download it and try to fix the problem.

Hi Thangalin.

Just a suggestion on the UI…may be a drop down tool or something for searching WAV files would help a lot in the set up process and minimize error…

Hi, ecgilboy.

That’s a wonderful suggestion, and exactly what I had intended at the start. As far as I can tell, the Python API does not provide a simple way to produce such a file browsing task. There is a complicated way; I haven’t looked into it, yet. :slight_smile:

Also, if you find that the curve is flatlined, try decreasing the Power Min to zero and start from there. That at least should give you an idea of the volume levels inside the wav file.

Ok thanks for the info…