Audio export from VSE 24 bit depth, HOW?


I’m trying to export a movie from the VSE that has 24 bit depth audio. Whenever I analyze the export file I notice it’s continually 16 bit. Does anyone know how to change that to 24 bit? I have tried various audio codecs…no luck.

Thanks in advance.

I’m running blender 2.72 on linux, I have ffmpeg installed. I can export 24 bit audio via ffmpeg. Just not through blender for somer reason.

Thanks in advance!

Could be a limit of the ffmpeg that Blender uses, not all ffmpeg settings are available to Blender sadly.

Quick look at suggests that you can alter the signing at the audio mixdown button (at file export stage) on the scene properties render panel.

audio_sample_formatAudio sample format

  • U8 8-bit Unsigned, Set audio sample format to 8 bit unsigned integer.
  • S16 16-bit Signed, Set audio sample format to 16 bit signed integer.
  • S24 24-bit Signed, Set audio sample format to 24 bit signed integer.
  • S32 32-bit Signed, Set audio sample format to 32 bit signed integer.
  • FLOAT 32-bit Float, Set audio sample format to 32 bit float.
  • DOUBLE 64-bit Float, Set audio sample format to 64 bit float.

Bear in mind that I don’t think that you can alter the muxed version.

yeah that’s for output, I need it for the exported file, not what i hear. thank you though.


Whoa whoa whoa, WAIT!

How did you get that option? I don’t have a mixdown option. All mine’s says is Audio codec, bitrate, and volume. Is there a setting you had to adjust to make the additional options like mixdown appear?

Thank you

in the Render buttons you should see three options side by side: Render, Animation, and Audio. Press Audio and it will bring up the export window. In the bottom left are the mixdown options.

Thank you! Although, that didn’t work affect the transcoded output. I think this is a must have feature to enable for professional purposes. If you want to export something a video with audio from blender, let’s say as a intermediate file or archival file. You’ll want the highest quality. 24 bit audio is something a lot of broadcasting/screening platforms ask for. I wonder if it would be possible to mess with the python scripting to change the output bitrate?