Audio manipulation ?

I guess this is the place for this question,
or maybe other software.

But here it is, I have an audio clip that I just love, and I am creating an intire animation around it. one thing about the clip is I need to have certan parts be moved to the begining or end of the animation, I would just be tickled to find out a way to chop, cut, and rebuild an audio clip.
I downloaded Audasity, but I dont know how to use it, I guess I could learn how, but maybe someone has a few quicktips, and or tutorials for this,

Does blender let you manipulate audio clips in this manor?

Thanks guys & gals

I dont know if blender lets you do it, but if I remember how audacity works… I think all you have to do is select and Copy/paste like you want. You probably want to have 2 audio tracks opened (one with the original song) and a second (empty) where you copy each part in the right order.
I cant confirm if this works right now 'cuz I’m at school but yeah good luck.

Cool, Thanks alot

I think you can cut, paste and copy as you want any audio strip in blender sequence editor … It’s basic but it works !

Do you guys know of any literature on the subject?

Shift A to load a 16 bit mono sample into the sequence editor. I think the K key is used to cut, and then you can use G to grab, and shift D to duplicate. Also, if youre feeling like a challenge, you can make a volume envelope by keying the ‘fac’ ipo for that strip.

remember to cut (K-key), on the last frame … By trying it you’ll understand very quickly what I mean, if youre not used with video editing ! And dont forget to enable sound preview off course, on the timeline header …

This is priceless info,
I have harly even opende these window types in blender, so I will be asking more questions about this,
but dont worrie, I like to do mu own home work, so only if I get snagged on something will I bother you fine people

In Audacity, choose the select tool.
Drag a selection over the part of the audio you want.
Press SHIFT_SPACE to loop that section.
While the loop is running, a hand will appear to the left or right of the selection. Drag and tweak as needed.
Press SHIFT_SPACE again to restart the loop.
You can then copy and paste sections into a new document and build up your muscial composition.

I wouldn’t use Blender as an audio editor at this point. Audacity would be much better. Simply create a single stereo file and import it into the Sequencer.

Yeah, in audacity you can cut beyond frames, and it works fine, but to edit quick with the sequences it’s quite difficult to get the time code accurate to the movie again afterwards !