Audio visualization keyframing

I would like to make an audio visualization where the material would change it’s color or emitter would emit something at certain moment. For audio visualization I would like to insert a keyframe at the certain moment of the beat but it’s pretty hard to find that certain frame at which the beat hits, putting it just manually requires a lot of patience and precision and often leads to missing the beat when the beat has been repeated for like 3-4 time. So I would like to just start the animation with alt+a and then simply when the beat hits or when I feel like it i would just press some button on keyboard and the keyframe would be created, just like when you are bumping with your fingers by the beat, if I want the light emitter to start emitting light somewhere around the frame 260 I would just press one button and the keyframe would be created and not like repeating the same song and frames and try to carefully listen to those beats. What if the beat is quick and it makes like 5 beats in 1 second, imagine putting that in a 60 fps video, very hard.

Easiest way I know of is to add a keyframe to the parameter you want to respond to sound, go to Graph Editor, press “Key” and then “Bake Sound to F-Curves”. Choose your audio file and you can play with the settings on the down left before you bake the audio file.

This will create a curve corresponding to the audio’s wavetable. If you want to isolate the kick, before baking the sound, set the highest frequency to 100 to cut off all the unnecessary frequences.