Augmented Berlin - 75 years end of World War II

Hi friends.

last week I’ve finished my recent project and would like to write some Making Of lines here.

This year the world celebrates the end of World War II. For BetaRoom, a Augmented Reality Studio in Berlin, I’ve created a model of the Paris Place (Pariser Platz) in Berlin for an AR App, that was published this weekend for Mobile devices.

In a very short time period of two weeks (!) only, I’ve modeled and textured the complete buildings for the well known location in Berlin. The whole modeling process was created in Blender 2.82a.
The only building, that was delivered by my client and not create of mine, was the Baranderburg Gate model. I’ve placed the model into my scene and modified it for the destroyed version of 1945.

There was a lot of work to do and the challenge was clear: Be as precise as possible within a short deadline.

The Paris Place had to be created in two versions: One version in the early 1930s and the 2nd one was located around May 1945, directly after the end of WW2.

I had not much time for the preparing process and decided to work as straight as possible. I’ve tried to handle all buildings at a same level of detail. My target wasn’t to focus on one special building to make it as nice as possible. Instead I’ve last all buildings at the same quality level and inscreased the details step by step. This method gives you the ability to interrupt the whole process at every time point but receive the whole project at the same quality level.

Over time I’ve created a lot of 3D assets. This helped me to work faster later. The new parts shortened the creation time of new buildings a lot. This was one of the main keys to finish the project punctual.

It was impossible to finish the tasks in time without using Addons. My life savers in this project were the “Boxcutter” and “Asset Sketcher”. Without using this tools I would never been able to finish everything. The Boxcutter helped me to create the destroyed builidings and the Asset Sketcher was responsible to distribute the debris all over the place in a controllable way.

Following some Making of screenshots of the project and test renders. The final model was used for a realtime AR experience, so the renders are just some mood examples.

You’ll find the links for the free App downloads below this article.

App for iOS devices:

App for Android devices: