Here is my first “real” attempt at modeling a character. I’ve begun with the head and am working my way down to the feet. I’m looking for critique mostly involving the modeling, I’ll deal with texturing when I get to it! :ba: In case your wondering, his name is, Authoripig and he kinda came out of nowhere! I started showing some friends what I can do with Blender and they just started feeding me with ideas. With input coming from many directions, the model kinda took on a life of it’s own. I’ve been teaching myself Blender for a little under a year now and am starting to feel quite confident with the toolset :smiley: I’ll never go back to 3ds.

I don’t see an image anywhere. Did you forget to upload or link it?

I had uploaded the image to Picassa Via Google and while it did show up at first now it does not display :frowning: I’ll have to move the file elsewhere and update the link.

Fixed Image display… It should persist from now on. Thanks for the heads up War.

It’s coming along, but i’d like to see some lips covering the base of the teeth, so that it doesn’t look like they pop through the skin. I also think the snout could be more defined. What about a wire screenshot?