Auto Align Vertices


AutoAlign - Aligns selected vertices to an axis.

Based on the “flatten” script, which seems to be defunct. The major difference is that this script automatically determines the axis you want to flatten. It does so by calculating which of the three axis (x, y, or z) has its maximum extent vertices at the minimum distance.

It’s hard to describe, but the functionality is useful.

Let’s say you had a cube with a displacement along one side that must be flattened.

  • Select all the vertices along that side.
  • Run this script.
  • The displacement disappears.It matters not which side of the cube you choose: the script does the right thing.

C&C desired.

doesn’t work here (blender 2.43) :
ImportError: No module named Numeric

Same here…same error…

Unless I misunderstood you, I think this script is similar.

It also has more functions.
Add something, a face or edge that is parallel to your desired axis and have your target vertices aligned to that edge/face using Geom>Align Vertices or Geom>Project Vertices On a Face

same thing here; getting this error in blender 2.43:


Regarding the import Numeric error, it might be because I compiled my own version of Blender 2.43 against Python 2.4.4c1.

The Geom Tool looks similar, and indeed has functionality quite similar to mine:

The difference is the amount of time it takes to set up. Since the script is automatic, there is no need to add objects for alignment purposes. So it saves some mouse clicks. :wink:

Thanks for trying it; I wish I could explain why the “Numeric” package isn’t being found. If anyone knows a work-around, I’d be glad to read it.