Auto Apply Transform (Scale, Rotation, Position)

Hello! this is my first addon … a friend gave me this idea… What it does is to apply scale after any resizing of objects… so… I tried to code it … and I could do it!! now you can get it for free here:


Hey! its me again!!.. Thank you all for your interest in this add on, a lot of people has downloaded the add on, and many of them have been asking me to add an “auto apply rotation” option… Well at first I don’t really know how useful that option would be… but if many of you are wanting such a feature I decided to add all the options… so now I’ve renamed this add on to “Auto Apply Transform”. So now you can auto apply any of the transforms (location, rotation or scale) . Here is the new interface:

Be careful with the new options, you could miss your orientation or your pivot without notice. Remember what our friendly neighbor said… “with great powers…”

Let me know how this new features help you in your daily work. See you guys!


This is great! I sent you $5 because I just love simple, well-executed add-ons like this.

Ho man! thank you… it is a free add-on, but I appreciate your donation thank you again, I hope it is useful for you!

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it is useful, thanks for sharing.

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can u plz make for rotation also same way. Thanks for the addon


I notice if I have it enable and save as startup blend file, it does not work when I first start blender.
I have to disable it and enable it again to work properly. so I save it disabled as default startup file and add an auto run script (52 Bytes) in autorun PME folder
every time blender fires up, the auto apply scale would run properly.

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Wow! I didn’t thought of that, your script solves the problem. By default it starts turned off… I wanted the user to know when it was activated… So the user would turn it on… I’ll investigate how to save it last state. Thanks!!


Hey! Glad you liked it… By the way, how would you take advantage of auto apply rotation mode? I could do this for all transforms but I just couldn’t imagine how could it be useful for rotation or position, can you tell me how will you use it for rotation?

to fit my habit of modeling (auto scale on by default), I had to show case my baby python ability :nerd_face:
thanks for creating such a great addon !

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Hi @Kentzin.

Thank you for this simple yet very convenient add-on. :+1:

PS: don’t forget to edit the title of this thread.

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reporting a bug or some sort.
when auto scale is on, the lattice object scale is also reset, which lead to oddly deform mesh obj.
it would be good if addon can only apply auto scale to certain object type.

auto scale off

auto scale on

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I’ll check this out! thanks

Hy, How do you add this script and where is this PME autorun folder?

Hi, it sounds great, but for what should I use it? What would it be useful for?

it is inside an addon called Pie Menu Editor located in your script addon path: …
…Blender Foundation\Blender\2.83\scripts\addons\pie_menu_editor\scripts\autorun

I use it because I prefer to tick/untick checkboxes at will rather than applying transforms with the usual pie menu.

I find it handier to have these three checkboxes exposed in the N panel, rather than in a pie menu.

Excellent, it worked perfect. Every time I open blender the auto apply scale works but when it is already open and I click on File - New - General, it does not work. I have to click on the Auto Apply Scale again, why is that?