Auto contrast

Is there a node setup in compositing that’s the same a running the auto contrast command in Photoshop? I use Filmic colour managment, but I like to have the exposure set to -2.0 to retain plenty of detail when rendering. I currently open my images in photoshop & hit auto contrast to give the colours a final “kick”. Any help would be appreciated.

No, there are addons like photographer that have auto exposure and white balance. But this function doesn’t exist. But in the end you only set the levels with it. You can see them in the render window and in the comositor you have enough possibilities to set them by hand under shift+A > Color.

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Hi, thanks for replying. I have played a bit with a few nodes in the color section , but I was really looking for a global solution that does the same thing photoshop does. I might post this in right-click select & see if it gets any interest.


That’s a good idea. There is an addon called “image editor +” that goes in the right direction, but at the moment it has only limited functionality.

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