Auto Eye, procedural iris maker

Hi everyone! I would like to present you the Auto Eye.

Auto Eye is a procedural generated material for the iris, done in Cycles, that will make easy to create eyes. With this product you will be able to experiment and create a wide variety of eyes quickly, you don’t need to paint every eye from scratch for each new character you create.

For more information and to grab a copy, you can access the Blender Market or my blog page.

Take a look and see it in action.

Customize your eyes the way you want!

Unlimited resolution!

Since Auto Eye uses procedural textures, you don’t need to worry about resolution. Your eyes will hold well even for close up cameras.

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Looking amazing, good f**ing job, my man!

Thank you!

Here an example that it’s possible to achieve more realistic results with the Auto Eye, the iris was create using the current version.

I just add the red veins, that will be included in the next update, probably with more adjustments. And also adjusted the roughness/specular of the cornea-sclera material.


Looks very good. I’m thinking of purchasing. Is the pupil and Iris sizes adjustable?

Thank you Tomboz! This adjustments will be on the next update, with the red veins and probably some more stuff. :slight_smile:

It’s a good start.

The iris could use a bumpmap though (take a look at images that show an eye from way up close and you’ll find, at the right light angle, that the iris isn’t exactly a flat surface).