Auto Keys for Children of Parent


I have a rig that composes of a parent object with about 5 object children which all have their own children . When I move the parent in the 3D display a keyframe is automatically created but I would like LocRotScale keyframes for all the children as well when I move the parent. Is this possible automatically without having to do it manually?


yes you need to create a keying set comprising all the properties (translate values etc) of the objects you want to key. Then you’ll need to select this keying set in the 3dview header and there you go.

Thank you Hadriscus.

Once I created a keying set for each object and their respective properties it still did not function as expected. I believe I know why: Auto key frames are added when transforms in the 3D viewport changes. When I parented my objects with cntrl+P I picked the “keep transform” option. So now all of my children’s transform locations are relative to the parent’s location. (edit: picking “keep transform” is not why my child’s location is relative to the parent’s) If if move the parent it’s new location is auto key framed but since the child’s location transform value did not change it’s location did not get auto key framed. Make sense?

I did get the functionality I was looking for after all though. I picked the “automatic keyframe insertion for active keyset only” button directly to the right of the auto keyframe record button and some reason even my children’s location transforms are being auto keyframed even though their values don’t change. I have no idea why!

Would visual location work for the children? Though I’m not sure you can set that value in a keying set. Quite confusing.

No you need to create a single keying set with all objects properties (…but reading on I believe that’s what you have done). Checking that button is necessary afaik and forgot to speicify it sorry - otherwise just hit i. For visual keying you can set an override inside the keying set properties.