Auto-rig Pro [3.62]

@DragonSkunk2 The link to the trial version (first post):

Do you plan on adding an Automatic Corrective Shape Key system?

Currently, you need to go through the extra hassle with making an animation first then tell the system when corrective shape keys should be happening (ex: arms, elbow part)

You should take a look at this add on.
RBF Drivers - Blender Market

New to ARP. I’m exporting humanoid meshes to Unity using ARP 3.62.29 with Blender 2.92.
I select ‘no fingers’ after using Smart mode before generating the bones. The finger bones still generate, and controls are generated for them upon matching to rig. As expected, these finger controls do not deform the mesh after skinning.
My question - can I safely delete/disable these finger bone/controls before exporting to Unity? Does it matter, or am I just being OCD with wanting to clean it up? Thanks,

@Coverop Well it’s not really planned, because corrective shape keys depends on the character model, if it’s a humanoid, a quadrupedal, cartoony, realistic… Although I do see some benefits to automate some things with standard humanoid characters at some point. Could you describe more specifically how you conceive such a feature?

@ophtha Sure, if fingers are not necessary it’s best to remove them in the “Limb Options” dialog:
Even if the Smart detection is set to “No Fingers”, fingers are added, but they are set to default position instead of detecting the finger mesh locations.

Auto-Rig Pro 3.62 was released lately.

What’s new and improved

  • Rig: Rig Layers are now compatible with Library Overrides
  • Rig: Better alignment of stretch and pin controllers of arms and legs by default. Since this can break animation compatibility with previous rigs, a toggle has been added in the Legacy popup.
  • Rig: New Import-Export settings: import reference bones transforms for selected bones only + custom shapes toggle
  • Rig: Rig Layers can now be imported or exported, as files to custom location and as preset for quick import later from the dropdown list
  • Rig: Rig: The “Set Pose” feature now maintains the feet/hips height, skipping manual tweaks
  • Rig: ~60-150% speedup when clicking “Match to Rig”, by refactoring and optimizing functions
  • Rig: “Set Picker Cam” now works with proxies without making a proxy of the camera, if “Instance Collection” is enabled (external contribution, thanks to PiOverFour)
  • Rig: Euler keyframes can now be converted to Quaternion for a given frame range and vice versa, with a new tool to convert selected bones rotations
  • Rig: New “Head Lock” default setting in the addon preferences to have it enabled or disabled by default
  • Rig: New IK-FK default setting for arms and legs, in “Limb Options” panel for per-limb setting, and in the addon preferences as global settings
  • Rig: Tail limbs can now be added multiple times, and duplicated as well
  • Smart: Enable automatically “Refine Head Weights” if there is no facial markers for better skinning results
  • Smart: More accurate heel bones detection
  • Smart: The smart detection now supports facial only (up to now, facial required body as well)
  • Export: New “Actions Manager” to group actions to export by list (thanks Jesper for supporting). Useful when dealing with dozen of actions.
  • Export: Non Auto-Rig Pro armatures can now be exported (thanks Jesper for supporting)
  • Export: Added “Embed Texture” setting in the Misc tab, similarly to the Blender’s default Fbx exporter
  • Export: Support multiple tail limbs
  • Export: Exported actions names can now contain only the base name, instead of ArmatureName|ActionName, plus additional settings to replace the “|” character with “_” or “-“


  • Export: “Set Soft-link bone” was applied to bones from opposite side if X-Mirror was enabled
  • Export: Soft-link was leading to inconsistent thigh and arm bones position when “Secondary Controllers” was “None”
  • Export: Error if multiple neck bones without parent
  • Export: Error when setting custom bones
  • Export: Fingers with ‘Rot from Scale’ had incorrect scale
  • Export: Eyelids issue
  • Rig: Binding could lead to bones being overstretched if X-Mirror was enabled
  • Rig: Breast bones not parented automatically in some cases
  • Rig: Adding the hand fist controller did not work when fingers were not in layer 0
  • Rig: “Apply Pose as Rest Pose” and binding operations not compliant with some modifiers such as Multires
  • Rig: Feather controller are now in Euler rotation mode by default when created
  • Skin: Vertices selection were not restored
  • Remap-Export: Incorrect euler rotation values when baking animation in some cases
  • Smart: Thumb and pinky bones could be swapped in some caes, fixed by adding more tests in fingers location values
  • Smart: After detecting, only restore visibility of hidden objects when starting the detection, instead of all objects
  • Smart: Vertex size could not be restored if an error was thrown before the end of the process
  • Smart: “Facial Only” could lead to re-scale the existing rig

Not sure if this problem still exist, but the last time I check, after using auto-quick-rig, the tip toe controller doesn’t work.
The controller that allows you to lift your foot while the toe stays on the floor, it doesn’t work when I port to auto-rig through auto-quick-rig.


Does the addon support multiple characters per .blend file?

Noticed when applying T-Pose to the character using the “Set Pose…” option, the hand and foot bones get switched to FK mode (from the IK mode). Is this a bug?

I am using the latest add-on version (3.62.32)

@Bracer Hi, no I’m not aware of this issue, and neither was it reported. Can you reproduce it constantly? Is it possible to send a bug report?

@Ali-RS Hi Ali, well yes and no. When rigging, only one character is supported for now (but some features do support multiple rigs though), but once characters are rigged, multiple characters can be of course imported in the same file:

Full support of rigging multiple characters in the same file is on the Todo list though.

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Well not really a bug, rather it was designed this way. The “Set Pose” feature only works with FK bones rotations. But you can snap it back to IK afterwards if needed.

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Ok, if I use auto-rig pro again through auto quick rig I will make some screenshots :smiley:

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Hey man,
thanks so much for the addon! Really impressed how well you programmed the automation. I’m not an animator, just need a quick solution to rig some hacked together characters > pose them in the scene and so far it worked wonders!
really sorry if I missed enabling something or if I’m blind to a setting.

  1. I don’t get the shapes to show for the forearms, as far as I can tell in all the images there should be a shape for the forearms also?
  2. with the model below after binding it to the rig the forearms become noodles, didn’t have that problem with a similar model. I even connected the foremarm with the clothing, so it isn’t a seperate mesh, but that didn’t help

thank you!