Auto-save problems....

Hey, I’ve got blender to autosave but, when I go into Bledner and hit recover session, or go through the top bar thingy, and hit recover session, it can’t find the file, or can’t read it but the file I had been working on definately autosaved, because the setting for autosave are every 5 mins, and i had been using Blender for more than that. Is there a setting i missed?


In the user preferences window, click on File Paths. At the bottom right (Temp) should be listed the directory that files are auto saved to. Is anything in that field? Mine is set to /tmp/ on a windows machine, and my files get saved in C: mp.

the recover filename pointer never has worked real well, it looks for the wrong numbered file. If you need to recover, go to your tmp folder, sort on time, and pull the last one and resave it as the real one. You’ll also find the quit.blend file there that is saved when you exit (and forget to manually save before exiting).

So in other words, \I need to pull an aoutsave up automatically? and the quit.blend is an autosave for when Blender exits? for taht feature to work, can i hit the x in the upper right or do I need to hit the “q” button?

lots of options. i wrote this all down in the wiki; see the section on AutoSave. There’s three different auto-backup features in blender:

  1. backup on manual save
  2. auto save every x minutes
    3 save on exit

The Save on Exit happens whenever blender quits. To quit blender, i just close the window; i dont q or x…oh wait, yes the X in the upper right, the window close–yes, using that forces a save on exit. Probably both work (but it’s ctrl-Q now, as requested to avoid accidental closure). So, please see wiki for setup info. Also note the ‘invalid filespec’ note in there.

papaSmurf that link no longer works its been a while, Im also interested in configuring my auto save directory to an external LaCie drive, im confused why there are so many file paths here, do I need to select the lacie drive for each section (fonts, textures, render output etc etc) if I want them saved externally? (I dont have much space on my local drive)…thats what i`ve attempted here.

I want my auto save file and the “.blend numbered versions” to all be saved externally, nothing locally.