Auto snap to grid in Blender 2.5

I want to automatically snap objects being moved and rotated to the grid like I could do in Blender 2.49. Had been looking for a way to enable this for hours. I would have expected it to be inside User Preferences -> Editing. I just hope it got implemented :eek:

Where can I enable auto snap to grid in Blender 2.5?

As per 2.49, select snapping, hold Ctrl to snap when transforming or the magnet icon to snap automatically when transforming (these were options in the user preferences in 2.49). Blender 2.49 and 2.5 do not snap to the grid, they snap to grid increments.
Also shift+S to snap selected to grid.

Ah. Thank you. It works now :wink:

Funny thing is that I enabled this snapping type before and even held down CTRL but didn’t work. Now when I enable this snapping type it even works without holding down CTRL. Weird.

With the magnet off you need to hold down Ctrl, with the magnet on you don’t.

Is there a way to snap to grid intersection instead of grid increment?

If your initial point is on a grid point (Shift+S / selected to grid) you will stay on the grid when you snap.