Auto Zoom on an empty scene?

It’s kind of a luxury (in that it really doesn’t affect much really) but I’d like AutoZoom ( numpad-".") on an empty Scene to zoom to the world origin and at a zoom setting as if there WERE a 1 unit cube there.

Just a kind of security blanket really. The current behavior is that, if one has emptied a Scene, that “.” does nothing.

Shift c is the closest thing I know of.

Here it didn’t do anything (except center the 3dc).

(Steps: make a torus. Drag the screen so nothing is visible. Delete the torus object. Hit shift+c. Nada.)

This is pretty trivial, but I’d just prefer it to operate this way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I guess, if there is nothing in your scene there is nothing to view.

True, but it is SOFTWARE, and the devs can form it into any shape they want to.

Putting in a test case, like “Is there anything in this Scene?”, is trivial.

Not quite so trivial. Various objects can be invisible (for various reasons, which is IMHO over-engineered).

Let me amend that to “Is there anything VISIBLE in this Scene?” then.

I just find it disconcerting to hit HOME and have NOTHING happen. YMMV. This would be a good task to assign to an intern. IOW, “lowest possible priority”.

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For sure, I could see how that would be a welcome improvement.