Autocad, Autosketch, and ProgeCAD

From an end users standpoint (you), I’m curious about what’s the difference between Autocad and Autosketch? Which leads into my next question: How does ProgeCAD LT 2006 compare with Autocad?

ProgeCAD compares reasonably well with AutoCAD LT (ie. its 2D only - regular AutoCAD has 3D capability, for which progeSOFT offers a payware version to match.) I think it likely doesn’t have some of the more recent features/enhancements (guessing, here) but has been designed to clone most of the major stuff. Some here where I work have said its not as stable, either. However, the price certainly makes it attractive.

I’ve not tried AutoSketch, so can’t help you there.

I earlier posted a link to UGS’s recently released (for free) Solid Edge 2D. I’ve not had a chance to try it yet, myself, but understand it utilizes dimension-driven & relationship-based geometry (associative). This is a huge step up from a “dumb” system such as AutoCAD uses. Would suggest at least checking it out. I’d be interested to hear your thots on it.

Alternately, if you need free 3D parametric CAD, there’s always Alibre Xpress. This I have tried and can recommend - save for the part where an internet connection is required to run it. Don’t like that aspect. And there are limitations to what you can do with the free version.

/I’ll quit rambling now…