AutoCad/Blender Issues...again

Hi guys I have a problem, I modelled something in AutoCad 2002 and saved it in .dxf format, I opened it in Crossroads, saved it as .obj format, imported it into Blender and it’s … crap. The model was modelled as a solid (in AutoCad), the problem is that it won’t subdivide correctly, it won’t surbsurf correctly it wont recalculate normals correctly either. The weird part is that if I model a surfaced model in AutoCad and open it in Blender, it’s perfect! It works just like a .blend file. So basically I’m asking what’s going on here, does Blender doesn’t like solids? Is there another way around this? Sorry about the fact that this has been asked thousands of times (literally, I’ve searched them). If I can I’ll try to upload the files as soon as I can. Thanks you guys sooo much.

EDIT: There aren’t going to be any files to download because I can’t host them correctly, you can only save them if you have a download accelerator, either way here they are

The first one is the good one Make sure you RIGHT Click and save it, otherwise you will save the text, NOT the .obj file
And this is the messed up one->

does Blender doesn’t like solids

You answered your own question. The only “solid” thing Blender does is procedural textures.


mmm, is there any way that I can sort of fool Blender into importing solids? Or convert AutoCad solids into wireframes or something that Blender likes?


I have been using Autocad actually for some time now progecad professional (much cheaper then AutoCad 170 EUR still a bit buggy, anyway)
I found the following way to export 3d models (solids):
I save model in dxf format release 11/12 ASCII
Then I use Accutrans 3D to open that file and save it as truespace (Binary) (*.cob) file
This you can easily import into Blender
It is very reliable way.
Watch the units you use it might be that you have to scale the model down in blender or consider that already in Autocad
Regards, good luck and please report if this was of any help

If Blender could import DXF directly including solids, regions etc that would be great

Thanks yoou guys, Im’ almost there, but there is another problem when I import the .obj file Blender begins flickering like crazy and the computer tower beeps, don’t know why. There is also something wierd with crossroads, I thought it could open .dxf files? Mine can’t it just shows a blank window. Finally I had to convert the .dxf file into a .3ds file, then into a .obj file. Thanks you guys for helping me thru this nightmare :slight_smile: