Autocenter Object Origin

Does anybody knows if ther is a script addon or anything that after editing the geometry of an object keeps its origin at the center of the mass or something similar?

Thanks in advance.

For some reason its a lot of work for me sometimes when modelling: transform the object, edit geometry and so on, and again and again centering its origin.

Menu - W: Set Origin > Origin To Geometry [ctrl++shift+alt+C]

Yes, thats the manual way of doing it. You have to repeat it each time you modify the geometry.

Im looking for an automated method.

Hi dogdayfear,

I really like using the Pivot Transform addon [$]. It’s very handy for manipulating object(s) pivot points quickly.

This kind of automated operation, could be dangerous for your files, if you forgot that you have this automation.
But you could do it in python, for example, when you switch to object mode from edit mode.

Does this addon solve what I am looking for?

Can it center the origin of the object automatically each time the geometry is modified?

It is possible to make it automated via Python scripting, but there will be a performance penalty for it given this operation will need to be performed constantly.

Why do you need the object origin to be set to a new origin regularly (I assume you need this every couple mins) ?

I’ve made a video about this add-on, maybe you will find this useful.

For perfectly align a lot of objects between them, based on their geometry. Everytime you modidy one of them you have to recenter its origin to align it with the rest of the elements. Its time consuming.