Autodesk acquired Meshmixer

I dunno if anyone here knows this already. I did a search on this forum but haven’t found anyone else posting this topic.

Autodesk acquired Meshmixer. Apparently, Meshmixer07 was released back on Oct. 26. If you install it, you’ll notice the Autodesk logo on it.

Autodesk hasn’t officially released any news yet AFAIK. My impression is that Autodesk is going to incorporate it somehow to either Mudbox or another program.

Here’s the link to the news:

I have a feeling that they’d rather merge this into 123D and have some pre-sets which you can stick together to make a ‘cool’ 3D model.

This is sad news…
Wish it was pixologic.

123D is a parametric modelling software with solids - you can stick together there whatever you want.
Meshmixer, as the name says works with polygonbased meshes. So I doubt it´ll be merged.

Why do you have shares in Pixologic? I fail to see why anyone would give a damn about this ‘news’. technology companies buyout smaller companies everyday to acquire tech they didn’t invest to control patents or to incorporate it into one of their products.

But I am guessing this is ‘news’ because Autodesk is the anti-christ of the 3d world and everytime they sneeze we should fear mass extermination or something. Personally if I had Autodesk shares I would want to know why the invest in a sector that hardly brings them any money.

Their entertainment division isn’t exactly a cash cow like Office is for Microsoft. Unless they have given up on taking on Solidworks and the likes the idoits should be focusing more on their engineering software. Instead of inflicting ribbon interfaces on users and calling that progress.

each quarter engineering brings in about 3X what their media side does 160million versus 60million. if you add in their manufacturing software(120million) and platform solutions (200million) one begins to wonder what exactly the are trying to achieve selling stuff like Maya and Max. Is this a desperate attempt not to look like a boring engineering company?

I LOL’d at this. My hatred for the ribbon runs deep.

Hmpf. I haven’t used Meshmixer even once for anything serious, but I’m still kinda annoyed.

IMHO MeshMixer6 is more powerful than MM7(it doesn’t have drag&Drop, no mesh mixing)
So… MM8 should be good…
hopefully he will also have some extra goodies as well.

The Drag-and-Drop tool is disabled for now, but should be back soon.

Good i kept the version 6 installer as the drag&drop -> mixing being made so easy and quick was the only reason i was using meshmixer.

Hopefully version 8 will get these back, if it is released one day :

mm is still free. I can’t say anything about how that will go in the future