Autodesk Research Team needs user information from Blender users

I saw this on CGtalk:

Hi all,

My name is Veronica and I’m part of a research team who wants to hear from 
Blender users! Please take this 1-minute survey here:, to tell us about your Blender and community 

Do you also want to be interviewed on this topic? Talk with a User Researcher 
and receive a gift card for your time. Choose “YES” to the last survey question 
and provide your contact information.

Thank you!

I wonder what the purpose of the research survey is.


Is it common or normal to have a public survey like this?

ADSK taking care of user opinion looks suspicious …


Let’s get ready


Wow, I started the survey, they are really concerned about the leakage of users from Adesk to Blender.


Nightmare fuel.


Of course they do


this is something new, they did public survey before but for their own products…something is going on here, either the new version 2.80 is shaking things up for them or they just want to know why blender’s community is more satisfied than theirs…i saw some autodesk staff members getting more engaged with their user base on social media but that something i expected as each released update is not as what people wanted to be.

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If they are asking honest questions, give honest answers.

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I hope no one answers, they are just trying to gauge the Blender market and users.

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As a former AD user i would say your not far off the mark.

In the past, Autodesk was pretty confident that Blender was not a threat at all and would never become relevant to the industry in general.

This could be the result of Blender not shackling itself to software ideology at the level it once did (with the development doing previously unspeakable things such as left-click selection, colored wireframes, and an industry-standard keymap as an option). Now Autodesk is taking notice.

It’s kind of interesting really, all Autodesk would’ve had to do to keep Blender from getting to this point in 2019 is have great prices (with permanent licensing) and pour a significant chunk of its massive income into R&D. Instead they focused on maximum profit at all costs and that drove people to alternatives.


Isn’t that great? Maybe they finally come out of stagnation which also challenge Blender once again, so nobody would be stuck in the same place, like it’s now for Autodesk?

I replied and I have my survey time next week. If the gift card is something that I can use for places in general, half of the $75 is going to stuff on Blender Market and half of it is going to the Foundation. :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, there’s really nothing that Autodesk can learn from me that they couldn’t by posting an open question here. I tried the 3DS Max student version, really liked it and appreciated the long educational license period, didn’t get very far with learning the software with it because I was doing other stuff, wondered how much a full license would cost if I ever did get into it, saw the price tag, said “no way in hell unless I was making $65 or $80K a year working primarily with that software”, tried Blender 2.79 and thought that drunken lizardpeople designed the UI, but stuck with it for a month or two and learned a few things, saw Blender 2.8, downloaded it, and became hooked on it. I’d consider myself an enlightened newbie with 3D art, but basically everyone here and also probably things growing under rocks in my front yard probably know more than I do so I’m not expecting that I’ll be able to provide the interviewer with very interesting conversation.


What is this Tango that Autodesk is talking about?

To Late. :slight_smile:

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I’ve used 3ds since 3D Studio DOS. Decades of Max under my belt.

No more.

Full on Blender now.

Autodesk can FO! Hate that greedy ass company and their rent software.

Hope they’re reading this since all of my past request were FULLY ignored. :slight_smile:


ha ha. thats so funny

I’ve got my interview tomorrow. I’ll report back how it goes.


I dare say reading some of the AD forums you are not the only one.