Autograph, a comp/mograph/editing alternative

French developers have presented Autograph, a piece of software that reminds me of Nuke and After Effects a bit. I don’t know either of those very well, but I was feeling the area was in dire need of competition. It’s built from the ground up to make use of CPUs and GPUs intelligently, apparently. I know some of the GPU additions to historic software often feel a little tacked-on so I think it’s nice they’re embracing the GPU as a main actor. From what they’ve presented, it seems a little light on features for now but the basic needs should be fulfilled. It’s also OpenFX compliant for what it’s worth. It seems to have decent keying tools.

I don’t know, you comp guys judge it !




This is very interesting indeed! I had heard several years back that the main developer behind Natron, had been working on a commercial compositor. Seems like this is what he has been working on. Alas there are no subtitles for that video, but it looks promising from what I can see.

There is a dire need for an AE alternative, and Hitfilm is definitely not even close. If they do price this correctly it could be a good alternative within a few years. Seems like it will be sold by re:vision effects, and they don’t force subscriptions on their plugins, so I am hopefully that Autograph won’t have forced subs. Subs only on Cavalry really killed my enthusiasm for it, even though they have a decent limited free version of it now.

More info here:

Upon some further digging, I unfortunately found this snippet :
“the software will be made available to independents and graphic content creation agencies through long-term subscriptions”.

What the hell is wrong with these startups, that they don’t understand the resistance independent artists have to subs. Why can’t they take a leaf out of the Affinity book?

They said in the stream they offer both subscriptions and perpetual licenses

Yes indeed they’ve mentioned him. Natron never really reached financial stability it seems… even though it’s now being maintained more actively again

For now it seems they’ve gone for a layer-based approach, and are considering basing future effects on nodes, but contained within a given layer. They said geonodes and nuke studio were an inspiration for this (in the sense that each nuke studio strip references an entire comp tree).

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Hi guys, just watched the live, seems very interesting indeed, Linux enthusiast graphists really need some AEFX alternatives, and Adobe really need some direct competitors to break their monopoly !

Here are some pinpoints for non french speaker from the live :

  • Layer based approach, but some nodal editor should be available for shading… (not in the demoed in the live, they just talked about it)
  • Available in Q2 2022 for win mac AND LINUX :slight_smile:
  • Multi resolution/framerate support (change your composition size… on the fly with dynamic rearrangement to keep the framing correct…)
  • Maximum possible hardware acceleration giving near real time results (at least seems to work nice in their demo^^)
  • Concept of procedural generators (noise…) giving some “infinite” results, not defined on a fixed resolution
  • Ability to expose composition’s settings from outside this composition to dynamically render several iterations of it (for example with different languages, scores for a soccer billboard…)
  • Integrated 3d renderer with USD importer
  • Javascript expressions
  • OFX compatibility
  • OTIO compatibility
  • Subscription licencing AND perpetual licensing option

Cheers !


Ah, thanks that is good to know! Strange that they only mention subs in that article I linked to.

I was pretty blown away by the part of the youtube demo where he imports a USD file from Blender. Then after duplicating the layer containing the USD and offsetting it in time a blur is then added to the whole layer. All playing back in realtime. It clearly has a lot of power under the hood. Also looks like you can drive any parameter with procedural noises or expressions, much like Cavalry can, which would make it awesome for mograph. Hopefully it also has a nice text engine to rival AE.

Will be very interested try a demo when it is released.