Autoi-Hide console in 2.58?

Hey folks. I just upgraded to Blender 2.58 recently from 2.57, and I’m liking it so far. However, unlike 2.57 (which automatically hid the console, requiring you to toggle it on if you needed it) the console comes up by default, I don’t like the taskbar clutter, so I hide it each time.

I was wondering if there’s any feasible way to return this to how it was in 2.57. Where I’d start up Blender, and the console doesn’t appear unless I toggle it on under the help window?

Right now I just have it hot keyed to a key on my keyboard, so it doesn’t take much effort to hide the console… It’s just a little thorn in my side that I’d like to remedy if possible.

save user defaults after you hide it. It should then keep it as your starting blend, so it wont show itself

Hmm doesn’t seem to want to work… I booted up Blender, disabled the Console, saved as user default (ctrl-U) and closed Blender. However when I started Blender back up again it still popped back up. Tried several times to no avail :C

hmm, i dont know what to say then, maybe someone else will come up with an answer

Alrighty, well I appreciate you trying to help, thank you.