Autokeyframing pressed ?

My python script needs to know if the button “Autokeyframing” is pressed. Could you tell me how to do this ?

Hi, kiopaa, I hope someone will help with this. I have tried to google this for nearly an hour but cannot find anything in Blender python API docs.

I have only discovered this python script where author comment also on autokeyframe issues. But not sure if this is useful:

Hi Jiri, as you see, I began to think about your mail (I’ll send you a response tomorrow)
unfortunately, there isn’t the answer to my question in the script you found.

Good news Kiopaa, I have PM Aligorith yesterday if he could have any advice in matter of autokeying and python. He was very kind to answer and ready to help you with this. More detials you will find in private message I have sent you. Aligorith is main coder of constraint as well as keying in Blender so he is the best one to help!He suggested to provde py acces to keyframing which actualy is not in Blender yet.