Automatic Mesh seperation or xpose in Blender ??? Need Help


I hope this is the right place for my Question here in the Blender Artist Forum.

Does anybody know an addon or even a direct feature in Blender for automatic mesh

Like the Xpose Tool in Zbrush.

I’ve integrated an example Image into my Post. ( for better understanding : ))

And I dont mean seperation like hiting “P” in Edit Mode. I mean a way to seperate all
the meshes in equal distance from another or from the the origin. Normally I do this by using Empties and Animation but this workaround is too time consuming.

I need this for faster and better normal baking.

I would be nice if somebody knows a way to do this in blender.


It’s not exactly the same but you can enable the ‘Manipulate Center Points’ (shortcut Alt ,) on the 3d view header, then scale with the pivot point set to something like Median Point. Each object will then be scaled away from that point

@ Richard M.

Thank you very much !!! Works great if I set it to individual Origins. But what did you mean with the “Alt Shortcut” ?

He didn’t say “alt shortcut” he said “shortcut Alt ,”. The shortcut is “alt ,” as in “hit the alt key and the comma key.” That shortcut toggles the manipulate center points option on and off.

Oh, now i get it. Thank you.
for example “alt+mouse wheel” over an Icon toggles the feature/state .
Cool, two new things learned in just 10 minutes.