Automatic Multipurpose Robot

This is a “smaller” piece of a bigger project of mine but as usual it got out of hand. :slight_smile:

I put enough hours into this that it became a project inside the project.

Much effort went into the texturing process and the blue armor is the most complex node-setup I’ve done to date. Learnt a bunch of stuff in the process.
Almost everything is procedural to keep detail and edges when zooming in.
I handpaint the flaked paint on the edges but figured out a way to “proceduralize” the image inside of cycles so it works up close. The only thing in the final material that still is a image are the decals.

It’s been a while since I’ve done my own rig and had a blast rigging something mechanical.

I’m closing this part of project but if you have any thought, feedback or pointers to give I’m always happy to hear them.

Closeup of material

Since there seems to be something wrong on Sketchfab embedding I guess a link have to do.
Model on Sketchfab

The model is available on Blendswap if you want to take a closer look.