Automatic Protective Turret

Hello guys! I’m posting here some of my latest work! A game ready asset based on this concept by Alexandr Gluhachev.

Here’s some of the renders and final model:

Here’s the link for the Sketchfab version!


Automatic Protective Turret by Luís Cherubini on Sketchfab

You’ve done an excellent job modeling this concept, Kerub! I love the materials, and I’m glad you maintained the level of wear and tear. So often you see scratches or blemishes taken to such an extreme on models, so it’s nice to see it kept at a subtle level. Nicely done!

Great job! I wish I could see wireframe render! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot James! I’m glad that you liked it! In fact, the overall simple nature of the design led me to that subtle wearing.

Sure! You can enable wireframe view in the Sketchfab version here. But here’s a quick one: