Automatic turnaround image generator

Not sure where to pin this question or even how to name it properly so if I missed the topic sorry.

Iam often working on small models that needs to be approved and for the process I always need 10 images. From 8 sides and top and bottom. For that I made camera and light and keyed them so They move 45 degrees each key. But I have to click the key then render and then save the image. Then Set another key and repeat the process. The images have to be hi-res about 2048px. Is there a way or a script to speed up this process.

Thanks in advance.

Could you just keyframe animate the camera moving round it’s 10 positions, set the end frame to 10, and click “Render Animation”?

AutoHotkey FTW

Turnaround Camera
comes with Blender - adapt to your taste

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As @burnin suggest it’s the best solution.

In 2.8, slighty different in earlier versions. I think the crucial thing is to use constant interpolation (in the dope sheet select the key, it will turn orange, right click, interpolation mode, constant) or in the key menu. Then you can set 8 keys in the timeline 1-8 frames and the camera will jump from one to the next with no in-between. You still have to key it but you can render all at once.

Additionally you can set the pivot center to the 3d cursor and snap that to the object then rotate around that.

hope that helps

You mean the same output as @a59303 suggested?

@a59303 Iam kind of lost, I just started with Blender 2.8, was using Maya but it was too expensive so Iam trying to swith to blender. So is there a tutorial or something that explains your way in a way for a dummies? :smile:

@burnin I will definitly try this. But as I checked this addon in menu it didnt showed up in the blender menu. Is that a bug or its hidden somewhere else? I read that some addons are not yet supported in blender 2.8 beta

Another approach is to pre-position 10 different cameras, and switch the active one before each render.

Is the light always from the camera direction (i.e. flash-style “flat” lighting)? If so, you could substitute a uniformly-lit background instead.

Or parent the lamp to the camera.

Yeah the light comes from camera direction, I keyed the direct light with the camera, I couldnt found default lighting from environment.


I’m trying to get a screencast for you, but , what part are you not getting? If you are already getting the camera locations fine then its probably just better to disregard the part about the 3D cursor.

The Dopesheet I was referring to is the timeline, I was mistaken. This is at the bottom of the default view. The keys; if you are setting keys then you probably see them. You want to select them with left click and bring up a menu with right click, select Interpolation --> Constant.

In order of events:

(frame 1)

1.) position camera, and light

2.) set key ( press I for insert keyframe)

3.) go down to the timeline and left click on the key to select it.

4.) right click to bring up a menu. select interpolation --> Constant

5.) go to the next frame (right arrow key)

repeat these steps for the 10 shots you want.

Then you have to set the length of the animation Output filename so the animation gets saved after render.

1.) set the frame end to 10

2.) click the folder icon on the output area to select a location and name for the file. I would recommend adding a hyphen to the end of the filename, so the numbers have somewhere to go.

Then you should be able to just render the animation Alt F12.

Oh, the output is an animation. For my purpose I need just single pictures.

Yeah but in this case your animation is going to be a series of 10 pictures

Hell yes, this speed up my proces a lot. It renders automaticaly 10 PNG. Last question, is there a option to render the object without backrground?

Oh found it out, under render check transparent and under output change RGB to RGBA. Thaks all of you for your help.

your welcome