Automatic Weight problem

As you can see in the title I got a problem with the automatic weight tool.

I tried a lot and looked into a lot of threads but never found the solution.

Automatic weight actully does a good job but in my case it totaly fails.

Here are some pictures so that you can see what happens.

Not just the fingers are like that it’s the hole hand!

I recalculate the normals, removed doubles, placed the origin point of bones and hand on the same spot but nothing helped.


Try with a lower res mesh object
Manually weight paint
Try using Bone Envelopes instead of just auto weights. Additional weight painting can be used for any corrections

works better now but still not right

The nails are moving too i have no idea how to keep them straight

Whenever i rotate the bones more the mesh gets deformed

Should i model the details of the hand before i rig it or after because i just want to get the hand in another position and leave it there.

I tried it some time now to get same results like in the picture of yours but it’s still messed up. Can you explaine more in detail?
Sorry for the question but it’s my first time in rigging objects.
Maybe you can send me your file so that i can notice the differences .

You need to size the bone volumes to match the mesh you want to deform, by default they are too large so influence too much of the surrounding vertices

I guess you have done a step more that i maybe didn’t.
Just resized the envelopes

Is it possible that you send me your file because it still doesn’t work for me.
I would maybe also understand it better if i compare my tries with yours.

Is your armature modifier on the top or is it after the sub surf?

The subsurf is already apllied to the mesh but i got one file where it isn’t

I looked at your file. The hand model is all goofy! Faces on the hand is flipped inward. I tried to flip the face out, but it will not flip!? When you display face normal, something goofy is going on around the nails. The faces there must be all messed up. So I chopped the nails off. Then face normal worked fine and automatic weighing worked fine as well!

It worked. Thank you so much!