Automatic weighting failed: unable to find soluntions for some bones

I’ve tried all combinations of x-axis mirror and subsurf, but I can’t still get blender to weight my model. I’ve tried wither with 2.49 and with 2.58. The model is a simple object: a human with some clothes.

How can i solve this?

How can i solve this?
Maybe attach your blend file to your posts so other people can see what you are trying to do ?

here it is

Both mesh and armature have different rotation & location (clear location/rotation to see this).

I did the following:

  • delete all vertex groups of the main mesh (character)
  • delete the armature modifier from the modifier stack
  • apply location and rotation of both armature and mesh
  • select the mesh, SHIFT select the armature, then CTRL+P and choose ‘With Automatic Weight’
  • IMPORTANT, place the armature modifier above the subsurf modifier (otherwise deforming is ugly AND slow)

The head bone seems to start too high, btw