Automatically finding texture by name

I have a blend with about 500~ objects, and 500 textures to go with it - unassigned. The objects in blender have the same name as the texture they need.

Is there any add-on or feature that would in some way automate this process? At the moment I am just selecting the object, making material unique, clicking to set base color to texture and using the search box.

If not I suppose I might write a python script myself. Thanks

It should possible with script to create a material and change materials, but i have not done yet.
I would start to give all objects the same prepared material so you must only change the texture.
An then run the script to change only the texture node would be the easiest i guess.

This should help:

Hi, thanks. My script is almost complete, I will post the result here one it’s done in case anyone stumbles across it while searching.