automatically recalculate mormals

Can blender automatically recalculate the normals for me in a way that smooth edges stay smooth and sharp edges stay sharp. I understand that autosmooth does not affect the actual normals of the model and only has an effect during rendering.

Currently I have to manually go all over the model select the faces I would like to have sharp separately and do “split” and “set solid” manually. Or do the When my models are very complex this takes a loooooong time. But it could be as simple entering an angle threshold and then as pressing a single button. Just like all other 3D packages do it.

Am I missing something here?

Try adding an Edge Split modifierand add an angle (like Autosmooth) or mark specific edges as sharp (Ctrl+E / mark sharp)

I just like your thread title: Recalculate Mormals, made me smile a bit

As Richard Marklew said

Mormals as Mormon’s mammals?