Automatically save textures when saving .blend file?

Ouch. I just spent a lot of time texture paining a model. Then I saved the .blend file and closed Blender. Only then I realized I should’ve saved the texture file as well, separately, before closing Blender. :eek: I’m not exactly looking forward to doing the same paint job again. Even though I’m pretty new to Blender, this ain’t the first time this happens to me and my guess? It won’t be the last time either… :no:

Am I missing some hidden option to save textures when I save the model? Please, someone, tell me the tiny “*” at the bottom of the screen isn’t the only reminder Blender offers to save a changed texture file…

Edit: Using Blender 2.73

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When you are painting textures in blender and for example you close the image viewer, you loose the texture, because it has not been saved. Once you paint a texture go in the Image Editor and press F3 and save, then if you modify it just press F3 again in the Image Editor.

I realize I can manually save modifications to textures from within Blender, I’m just confused by it being necessary. When saving a Blender project I’d expect that everything I changed gets saved but that’s obviously not the case. Is there no way to have Blender store modified textures when saving the .blend file?

No. Although it looks like it could be scripted, but I’m not aware of any add-on that does this specifically. I may be able to make one in the near future, depending on how my current load goes and if Blender API cooperates.

there used to be a plugin called blender to gimp auto refresh, that automatically saved the image after each stroke in order to export it directly to gimp, so an auto save is certainly feasible

Ok, guess I’ll have to train myself better to save both .blend and .png then :rolleyes: Thanks for the replies, at least I know now that I’m not missing something basic.

A simple warning, before quitting is all that is needed.

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Yes, that would be a very simple solution indeed!