AutomaticWeights Fails

I downloaded this model from CGTrader (by vicmax) and tried to add an armature, but it fails.
I tried with just one bone and it still fails. What is it about this model that doesn’t work with an armature? Or is there something else I’m missing?


Quite weird, At first I was thinking that could come from the featers but separating them doesn’t work either.
I suspect that there is non manifold polygons in the geometry, that could explain the failure…

You can try this trick that is quite clever :

he duplicate the mesh, do a remesh of it (that output clean geometry) then auto-weight it, and finally transfert vertex weight data to the original mesh…

A bit tedious but chances are that it will work better !

thanks for reply. I looked at the video, but I get confused on after converting mesh it looks like he deletes it. I tried auto-weight the new mesh, same issue.