Automating building features on a 3D head

I am a long time solidworks user in the manufacturing arena, but I am new to Blender. I would like to import a .3ds model of a face and “automate” building a pair of ski goggles based on defining a few key features i.e. head width, nose width, eye location, etc. I would then “delete” the head model and 3D print the remaining goggle model. Is this possible?

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If you are planning to script this from scratch, yes, it most certainly is possible. If not, you may want to ask around the community for a script-writer with free time, since this hasn’t been done in Blender yet.

Wouldn’t this be doable with just shapekeys and drivers?

Can anyone point me in the direction of an individual or a company that could develop this process for me?

Anybody have any leads on this?