Autorig Pro - Deform Bones vs Armature


I’m sure the answer is obvious, but I’m having some difficulty understanding some fundamentals here.

What is the relationship between the initial Armature that is generated, and the underlying deformation bone set? I’m using the latest version of Auto Rig Pro. I understand everything up until the fine tuning that is needed for weight painting. So when I reveal the Deform Bone layer, I was surprised it was different from the Armature which was set up in the first step.

I’d appreciate any feedback.

(EDIT - I suppose I assumed the weights were bound to the Armature)

i dont know autorig pro but the left is a simple one to “just animate” and the right can do something like twisting the lower arm so if you rotate one of the left bones the rotation will propagete to the right bone to have better controll over the further propagates deformation on the mesh

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Hi Okidoki!

Ahhh. Ok, that makes sense then. So like, secondary animations.

Great, thank you!