Autosave issues on Mac osx Catalina. Blender doesn't autosave, since 2.83.2 and 2.83.4

Cannot read file ‘/var/folders/k4/ml4hg_fd4c9669l7127zyd240000gn/T/quit.blend’: No such file or directory

Topic quite self explanatory. Despite having all the options turned on (Autosave temporary files). It just doesn’t autosave or save the quit.file. Tried installing updates for both blender and mac osx. All of the installed add-os seem ‘safe’. Don’t recall having this issue previously.

Is anybody else having similar issues?

Please help!


Ahh! Seems like GIS add-on was causing an issue with an autosave however, still having an issue with the quit.blend file. Seems like it’s not being saved anywhere still?!