Autosave recovery loses textures

Whenever I recover an autosave session, the scene ends up missing some textures of objects that were appended to the scene. This is usually the characters textures + some random props. I have to resolve this by heading to External Data → Find Missing Files every time.

Is there something I need to do after appending to prevent future crashes from losing the texture paths? Manually saving and reloading a scene retains all texture maps, only autosave recoveries have this issue.


I don’t remember having this problem but i could be wrong. Maybe the directly loaded autosaved files from TEMP just save without correct relative path??? Try to backup them first before loading (i don’t want to be responsible for you data loss :sweat_smile: ) and then maybe just save immediately in your project path and reload them from there (something like ProjectPath/myFileNUM_try.blend )? (Remember? There should always be a backup :sweat_smile: .)

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I have set a new auto save directory outside of temp but the problem remains. It’s not a huge problem as I manually save often but still an annoying issue.

I’m unclear as to why only some objects lose the path to their texture maps as all of the scene objects share the same directory just in different folders. Wondering if I just overlooked something.