Autosmooth menu

this is a menu working with alt+x (you can change the key in the add-on preferences)
it is working in object mode edit mode and sculpt.
-you can add shade smooth on several selected objects. (even in sculpt mode)
-same about autosmooth and you can set the angle (even in sculpt mode)
-orientate normals in object mode
-you can set different parameters such overlay wireframe show orientation…
-you can switch toggle edit mode without closing the menu
-you can work on angle selection or selected edges to add bevel weight sharp edges crease and seams
-you can select deselect invert selection select non manifold and change select mode
-you can invert normals

this is meant to have access to some useful parameters quickly and they are some interesting functions and optimisations. the best is to try it.


This is a very good plug-in, I downloaded its version 1.73, but I don’t know why I can’t find it now.

I will update this in a while I accidentally erased some videos on my chanel from my tablet…I have to it them again and maybe I will open a github. but I was learning more python…

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Thank you so much for this, i can’t use blender without it.
Please make it available on github !

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