Autumn Day

With the season already upon us and Halloween approaching, I decided to make a little scene to celebrate.

The pumpkin is pure procedurals and the leaf texture is from my backyard.

Render time: 6min. 20 sec.
Rendered with Blender Internal and AO.

nice render, nice leaves and materials but it is some how empty… or will you chande the background some how ?

One thing that bothers me is that the leaf that is lying down looks so flat, a leaf that falls from a tree is always bent or curved, even when it lies down, because they aren’t heavy enough to flatten themselves

I added some sticks and such to make it a little more “busy.” I also fixed the leaf.

Good lighting, good modeling and textures but it really needs a background. A blurred picture of your backyard could improve the image a lot.

Here is a little test I did