3D Fan art of the character by
Gretel Lusky
I love the idea.


I have experimented a lot the rig with blender


These textures are AWESOMES !! How did you do that ?

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Thank you
I use blender first for tint. And paint after on krita.

I heard about Krita, but from what i see of it, it’s only 2D viewport isn’t it ? No 3D like in Substance Painter, for example

Hi Iastrodamo,

This is awsome and it’s one of the very few “models” with extra large eyes that doesn’t look creepy. Excellent work. Gretel’s artwork is amazing also, I can see why you’re a fan. Your rig is quite impressive too. Have you considered doing tutorials?

Cheers and stay safe!


Yes just 2D viewport on Krita.

Thank you @pxlpaul
I would like to create better rigs. I have to make some soon.
Maybe I’ll find the time to make a tutorial.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Splendid artwork! How did you model this? Started from sculpt then retopologised by hand? I’d like to know your workflow or see wireframes if you don’t mind.

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Great! :heart_eyes_cat:, i hope she does not worried about a hard trees on head :joy_cat:

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Thank you @bartv

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Thank you @erikaobama
For the face, I modeled this with mesh modeling. no sculpting.
But with the hair I start with metaball and convert to mesh and detailed with sculpt.


Thanks @Pixel_Lime .
lol a tree on her head. I love the concept.

Thank you for sharing the images! It’s also impressive that you have done this with mesh modeling.

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